The South Rim Trail

South Rim_PIThe Rim trail offers great views as it winds it way along the rim of the canyon and through the historic Grand Canyon Village. This hike is a great option for those who like long walks but want a less strenuous hike at the canyon or it can offer a longer hike option when combined with one of the hikes below.

If you want a chance to see the canyon outside of a car but don’t want to wander to far from civilization this is the perfect choice.  We utilize the Grand Canyon public shuttle system so we can make this trail match your desired length on your whim.

Length: 15 miles
Vertical: 570′
Day Hikes: 1-15 miles
Difficulty: 0-1 (of 5)
Solitude: 0-2 (of 5)

  • Geology Museum
  • Grand Canyon Village
  • Powell Monument
  • Great Views

If this is the trail you would like to use for a day hike or overnight trip simply go to that page and you can reserve it now or give us a call at 928-522-4273

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