Stefen Koutz

Guide, Web Manager, and resident sleep expert.

Grand Canyon-Stefen Grand Canyon-Stefen Grand Canyon-Stefen

Stefen is an Arizona native and has been a backcountry guide for over 15 years, working in both a professional and volunteer capacity across the United States.  Having led backpacking, day hiking, dog sledding, and fly fishing adventures, Stefen is our veteran and go-to guide.

In 1998 Stefen graduated from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute and has spent time working as a professional chef.  We are lucky to have the culinary skills and experience that Stefen brings to WFOA and with his help are proud to be able to offer excellent menu options to our guests.

In his free time Stefen fills his days with adventure/adrenaline activities, reading and sleeping in all manner of strange positions.  He also is dedicated to his ’68 VW bus beyond all reason and can often be found throwing money at it.

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