Shane Howerton

Guide, General Manager, and gamer.


Since 1997 Shane has lived “off grid” outside of Ash Fork, AZ, only 70 minutes from GCNP.  Being a full time resident of the Arizona high desert, Shane has acquired a wealth of knowledge regarding the ecology, geology, and history of Arizona’s Grand Canyon country.

Shane has been a chef, artist, construction foreman, business manager and guide. His professional skill set, personality, and life experience have lent themselves very nicely  to being a guide and he makes an important addition to the WFOA crew.

Shane spends his most of his free time puttering around the high desert that surrounds and makes up his homestead: hiking, foraging, and slowly building by hand a castle on the butte top where he lives.  The playing and designing of boardgames fills even more of his free time.

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