Professor Tony

Intellectual, Academic, and Rubber duck

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Professor Tony was born in an industrial city in eastern China. His time in the place of his birth was short as soon after he was born Professor Tony was packaged up for shipment overseas. A huge wave ended up sweeping the container overboard and it burst open as it crashed into the sea. Professor Tony found himself in storm tossed seas with chaos all around him as thousands of ducks fought for survival in the growing tempest. Out of the chaos came a loud commanding quack. Through the salty spray he glimpsed a duck of action, nay Adventure, taking control of the situation. Being a duck of quick wit, Professor Tony helped to relay the commands, order was restored, and our small raft of ducks rode out the storm.

The next several years are obscured by a mist of rumor and speculation, but we do know that no matter where they were, Professor Tony could be found with a book under his wing. It was during these years his life long love of learning was forged and the name “Professor” was inextricably linked to our little duck. We also know that the combination of Adventure Tony’s quick thinking and bullheaded action with Professor Tony’s logic and stocism led to much success. Their days roaming the high seas came to an end when a terrible storm left both Tonys and a large chest with unknown contents washed up near the mouth of the Colorado river.

After an arduous journey to secure their horde deep in Grand Canyon and being found exhausted by a young married couple where our two Tonys collapsed upon the south rim, Professor Tony spent part of his pocket money to attend local colleges and continue to expand his understanding of our natural world. It was only when Adventure Tony approached him with his plan to return to Grand Canyon and search out their long buried treasure that the need for excitement beyond the halls of academia was again sparked in the feathery breast of our learned duck.

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