Phantom Ranch Hotel and Havasupai Lodge

Would you like to stay at one of the famous hotels at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. WFOA can help you get reservations at either Phantom Ranch or Havasupai Lodge. WFOA is always willing to check on availability at either location, but these locations can sell out in a year advance, so the more time you can give us the more likely we can get it for you.

Phantom Ranch is part of the allure and history of Grand Canyon National Park. Nestled near the mouth of Bright Angel Creek Phantom Ranch offers small cabins and you can choose dinner at Phantom Ranch Cantina or have WFOA provide our delicious menu. Planning for next years trips begins now.

Call for pricing.

Staying at Phantom Ranch requires getting to the bottom of Grand Canyon. Hiking and a very limited number of mule rides are your only options.

  • Phantom Ranch
  • A minimum of two days hiking
  • Dip your feet in the Colorado River

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