Porters 01_PIWhile backpacking with us you can expect to carry 25-35 pounds, and a little more if we are carrying a lot of water. We provide a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, food, water, and a backpacking rig to put it all in plus remember your personal stuff. When you choose a porter WFOA will help to carry the load. You can use a porter on any trail and is only limited by the permitted group size. You porter will carry your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and you portion of food (about 20 pounds), you will carry your personal stuff, snacks, and water. This is a great choice for a group with kids, a lot of personal equipment (like a fancy camera rig), or someone who simply doesn’t want to drag a ton of weight around.

WFOA can also help you with weight by using a guide to simply deliver your tent and some other items, we call this staging a trip.  This differs from using a porter because your porter would be on the entire trip, with a staged trip an extra guide simply hauls weight to our camp on the day of our trip, drops it off, and then leaves.  You will carry those items back out, keep in mind that while you are picking up extra weight to carry out we no longer will have a bunch of food to carry out.  The guide who is staging the trip will not be staying at camp so we do restrict this option to areas that are five miles or less to camp and this option is generally not available if you have multiple camp sites, you would need a porter.

WFOA also can set up pack animal supported trips to Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Campground areas next to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and to Havasupai Lodge and Havasupai Campground in the Havasupai Reservation.

A porter costs an additional $250 per day.

Staging an adventure costs an additional $250 for the first day.

Please call us, at , 928-522-4273, to get the current rates for pack trips.

Please call us, at 928-522-4273, to check the availability of any of these options for your Grand Canyon Adventure.

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