Grand Canyon Trails

Backpacking and Hiking Trails in Grand Canyon National Park

The big choice when coming to spend time Hiking or Backpacking Grand Canyon is North or South Rim.

The south rim is the by far more heavily trafficked of the two choices. Just 55 miles north of I-40 it is a short side trip to travel along the Mother Roads modern replacement. Despite the heavy traffic the south rim is big enough to easily find yourself away from crowds on your hike or walking tour if you know your way around. That is where WFOA comes into the picture.

The North Rim is on the way to nowhere but the North rim. The North rim Lodge is about 4.5 hour drive from Grand Canyon Village and all trails but the North Kaibab are even more miles down a dirt road. The sheer geographic isolation of the area combined with the very low traffic leads to amazing trips in huge landscapes with plenty of isolation. Feel the amazing size of the Grand Canyon from the higher North rim.  Multi-day trips for Day Hikes and Backpacking are available.

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