Grand Canyon Day Hike and Tours

Grand Canyon Day Hike

Grand Canyon Day Hike, Driving, Walking, Sunrise and Sunset Tours.

If you only have one day to spend you don’t want to waste any time. Let us help make sure your family or small group has the vacation of a lifetime by taking a private Way Far Out Adventure. This is the perfect choice for a Grand Canyon Day Hike.  Our guides are well versed in the ecology, geology, human history and outright legends of Arizona’s wonder of the world, the Grand Canyon. We don’t just work here, we live here.

At WFOA we understand that for you this is likely a once in a lifetime experience. WFOA is here to ensure your family doesn’t waste time figuring out the ‘lay of the land’ but jumps right into the heart of the canyon. Take a scenic driving tour of all the best of the South Rims scenic views and leave the planning and driving to us. Take a Grand Canyon Day Hike on one of the many trails. Or even a bit of both. Available from sunrise to sunset we can make your adventure fit your schedule.

Why is a Grand Canyon day hike or tour right for you?

Even if you have been to the Grand Canyon before our guides take you to places just off the beaten bath and point out the fossils and pictographs which are overlooked by the crowds.  WFOA helps you find the hidden gems and feel the heartbeat of the canyon through the eyes of a person who lives the canyon.  Simply put there just isn’t a better way to see the park in a day taking a Grand Canyon day hike with a professional guide.

All of our Day Adventures are private tours with customizable menus and itineraries so you can choose the Grand Canyon day hike, driving, walking, photo, sunrise or sunset tour that is perfect for you.


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