To experience the full grandeur of the Grand Canyon we suggest you put your boots on and join us for a few nights beneath the rim. Backpacking along the historic and challenging trails, working your way deeper into the Canyon to first hand experience the humbling enormity is an unforgettable way to view our Wonder of the World.

If you have ever wanted to dip your feet in the mighty Colorado at the bottom of the Grand Canyon or to spend your nights beneath the stars and fall asleep to the immense silence of a night above the inner canyon let Way Far Out Adventures help you arrange your Grand Canyon backpacking adventure.

We are an authorized Grand Canyon National Park provider and we specialize in working with families and small groups to create backpacking adventures which are well match to your fitness and comfort level. We supply all the specialty gear you need, including: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, mess kit, headlamp, and trekking poles. We set up a menu that matches your dietary needs and preferences. You also get a professional back country guide to show you the wonders of the canyon, keep you safe, do the cooking and the dishes for you. At Way Far Out Adventures we pride ourselves on the quality menus we serve; using fresh, local, and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Whether you want to see Phantom Ranch in Grand Canyon National Park, swim the unforgettable pools of Havasupai Falls, or find the solitude and grandeur of the less traveled portions of Grand Canyon, Way Far Out Adventures will get you there.

Inside GCNP we can accommodate groups of up to 9 with much more availability for groups of 6 or less. You can increase your chances of getting the permit you desire by knowing your trip date five or more months in advance.

If your group is larger than 9 your option is limited to visiting Havasupai Falls. Permits for the year become available on February 1st.

Let us do the planning, the shopping, the menu, provide the equipment, and deal with the permitting process so you can spend your time having a Grand adventure. Give Way Far Out Adventures a call and one of our guides will help craft the vacation your looking for.

All our Backpacking and multi-day hikes are Private Tours so your family or group doesn’t have to compete for your guides attention or compromise on the what, when and where of your vacation. From the menu to the itinerary your vacation with WFOA is a custom affair. Our guide will take the time to speak with you and assist in finding the right trail for your family or group.

Grand Canyon National Park receives 4-5 million visitors every year but only a tiny fraction venture more than a few hundred feet down any of it’s trails. Be a tiny fraction of that tiny fraction and join us for a Backpacking trip into one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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