Bill Hall Trail (Thunder River)

Thunder River_PIThe Bill Hall Trail is one of our favorite north rim adventures.  This trail leads to the esplanade terrace and the Thunder River trail.  As you hike to through Thunder River and Deer Creek you will be treated to several stunning waterfalls, natural springs, a breathtaking narrows section, and great campsites.



  • 3.9 miles joins Thunder River Trail and the Esplanade
  • 7.7 miles to Thunder River and Deer Creek trail junction
  • From the junction you can continue to Thunder River
  • 9.5 miles to Thunder River
  • 10.4 miles to Upper Tapeats camp
  • 12.7 miles to Lower Tapeats camp and the Colorado River
  • From the Junction you can also hike Deer Creek
  • 9.9 miles to Deer Creek spring
  • 10.2 miles to Deer Creek Camp
  • 11.2 miles to the Colorado River

Vertical: 5250′
Difficulty: 4-5 (of 5)
Solitude: 2-3 (of 5)

  • Waterfalls and Springs
  • Esplanade
  • Fossils
  • Great Geology

If this is the trail you would like to use for a day hike or overnight trip simply go to that page and you can reserve it now or give us a call at 928-522-4273

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