Backpacking Outside the Corridor

Bckpck OutCorr_PIBackpacking outside of the “Corridor” offers the true backcountry experience.   Once you are away from the Bright Angel, North and South Kaibab Trails you start to leave the crowds behind.  Grand Canyon National Park encompasses 1,902 sq miles, so there is a lot to explore.  You can choose from just an overnight or a multi-day adventure.  These trails offer challenge and are perfect for people that are fit and have some hiking experience.  Come see the forgotten parts canyon where you can loose yourself in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon.


Our guides will help you plan the adventure you want.


All overnight trips beneath the rim Grand Canyon require a backcountry permit.  The permits are issued by the Grand Canyon National Park Backcountry Office on a first come first serve basis.  Permits are open for reservations five months prior to the trip date.  Booking your trip five months or more gives WFOA the best chance of getting permits.  WFOA does work hard to get last minute permits for you as well.

Please review the table below to see when permits are available for your dates.

Permit Availability
Backpacking Trip in Permits Available
January September 1st
February October 1st
March November 1st
April December 1st
May January 1st
June February 1st
July March 1st
August April 1st
September May 1st
October June 1st
November July 1st
December August 1st

  • Backpack, tent, trekking poles, sleep pad, sleeping bag, headlamp and mess kit
  • A Fantastic Hike
  • A customized menu
  • A Knowledgeable and Experienced Guide

Grand Canyon Backpacking
Number of Guests 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Price per Guest per Day $395 $325 $275 $250 $225 $200 $195 $175 $165
Cost of 2 Day Adventure $790 $1300 $1650 $2000 $2250 $2400 $2730 $2800 $2970
Cost of 3 Day Adventure $1160 $1900 $2400 $2900 $3250 $3450 $3920 $4000 $4320
Cost of 4 Day Adventure $1530 $2400 $3150 $3800 $4250 $4500 $5110 $5200 $5670
Cost of 5 Day Adventure $1900 $2950 $3900 $4700 $5250 $5550 $6300 $6400 $7020

For trips longer than 5 day please contact us or call us at 928-522-4273

You can use this form to reserve the date of your trip. WFOA currently does not take payments online, we will call you to confirm your reservation and process your payment.

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