Backpacking in Havasupai Canyon

havasupi_PIThe world famous waterfalls of Havasupai Canyon are within Havasupai Tribal Land and have their own set of rules.

There is no at large camping and will not be a trip to offer solitude.

Numerous fees imposed by the tribe for access force us to have a different pricing structure as well.

If your group is larger then 9 Supai is your option for nights beneath the rim.


Reservations can be made beginning February 1st of each year.

  • Water falls
  • A Fantastic Hike
  • A Healthy and Tasty menu
  • A Knowledgeable and Experienced Guide

Grand Canyon
# of Guests $PPD Total Cost
1 $403 $1210
2 $333 $2000
3 $283 $2550
4 $258 $3100
5 $233 $3500
6 $208 $3750
7 $203 $4270
8+ guests $200 Call for quote

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