Adventure Tony

Pirate, “Little Devil”, and Rubber duck 

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Adventure Tony was born in an industrial town in eastern China. He was not there long, as soon after he was born he was packaged up with thousands of his brothers and cousins and loaded on to an enormous cargo vessel. Rough seas soon altered the course of his life from that of an ordinary rubber duck. The container he was in was washed overboard and luckily burst open, spilling Adventure Tony and thousands of his brothers and cousins into the storm tossed sea. A friendship was forged in the heart of that storm as Adventure Tony and his soon to be lifelong friend Professor Tony gathered together some of the survivors and rode out the storm together.

What followed is more a story of speculation and rumor than fact but it goes like this: Adventure Tony spent the next several years with his trusty first mate Professor Tony and a few brothers and cousins roaming the high seas. Stories of piracy can be heard in certain circles, sightings of the misfit band of ducks off the Horn of Africa, nights of debauchery in Madagascar, broken hearts left in Indonesia, and other sordid tales. Yet the days of roaming the high seas came to an end when our roaming band of ducks were once again caught in a terrible storm in the Gulf of California late in 1997. Adventure Tony found himself washed up near the mouth of the Colorado river with his good friend Professor Tony, and as the story goes a large chest full of the benefits of years of piracy.

Dragging their chest of loot behind them they made their way up the Colorado until they found themselves deep in the heart of the Grand Canyon. There the chest was secured deep in a side canyon to be recovered at a later date. The daring duo then waddled their way out of the Big Ditch to collapse with exhaustion upon the south rim where they were found by a young married couple visiting the Grand Canyon.

Years passed with our two Tonys living the comfortable life of your ordinary bathtub duck. Days of lounging in the sun, nights of warm water and copious bubbles. As time passed, the memory of exactly where that chest was left became fuzzy and almost forgotten until one evening Adventure Tony overheard Shane talking about his trip into the Grand Canyon. The desire to regain his treasure came upon him with a vengeance. Conferring with Professor Tony the plan was hatched. They would combine what little funds they had left and start a Grand Canyon guide company. All they needed was a patsy or two to front the company so that the two Tonys could spend their time doing the real work, searching for treasure.

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