WFOA is currently not taking any reservations. *

Way Far Out Adventures was formed by two professional guides with over 20 years of experience to help you get the most out of your Grand Canyon adventure. We only do private trips because your vacation is about you. We have suggestions, but your trip is up to you. The best part about a Way Far Out adventure is the freedom to follow your own path. You will have an experienced and knowledgeable local guide at your disposal to tell you about all of the secrets of the Grand Canyon and to ensure you maximize your enjoyment and experience.

Why a Private Tour of the Grand Canyon?

With our guide your day(s) at the Grand Canyon can easily be a fantastic learning journey through the pages of geologic time. With world famous exposed rock strata it is one of the best outdoor classrooms on earth. And we haven’t even mentioned the views. Then there are the petroglyphs and the ruins which are overlooked by the crowds. Let us help you navigate the roads and trails to the vacation you’ve been looking for. A WFOA private tour of the Grand Canyon will simply make sure you have a local Career guide helping to ensure your vacation time is spent having an amazing adventure not finding your way around or having to compromise with other people who booked the same tour as you .

If you have any questions please give us a call at 928-522-4273.

Way Far Out Adventures provides a customizable private tour of the Grand Canyon, including Havasupai Falls. This includes backpacking, scenic driving tours, day hikes, base camp adventures, and sunset dinners. If you are looking for some help making the most out of your vacation at the Grand Canyon, then you have come to the right place.

WFOA is a company formed by career guides who simply wanted the freedom to run the very best tours they could. That is way we do a private tour of the Grand Canyon. You are getting guides that have been there and done that. From the rim or the trail we will expand your visual experience as local oral historians well versed in ecology and geology. Let us be your Grand Canyon insiders.

We are proud of our trail cooking skills and feel you will truly enjoy your meals with us. On the trail we use fresh organic ingredients whenever possible and minimize our use of dehydrated ‘meals’. We do a three course Sunset Dinner on the south rim (think fine dining) and some mighty fine culinary treats in the backcountry. Please just ask and we will always adjust our menu to meet your special dietary needs.  This is another great reason to choose a private tour of the Grand Canyon, eat what you like.

*Due to ongoing internal disputes we regret to inform you that Way Far Out Adventures is not currently taking reservations. It also appears that we will not be operating come the 2016 calendar year. Please take advantage of the information available to help you plan your Grand Canyon vacation. We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.

Our office hours have changed. Please make an appointment through email or leave a voicemail if you need to visit us.

Shane Howerton
General Manager

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